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Kind + Jugend Trade Fair 2019 report

unpaid ad* As every year I visited the Kind + Jugend trade fair in Cologne Mein deutscher Bericht ist hier. As I had sick kids and a problem getting a babysitter I only visited two days. This is my report about both days. You can find my reports from 2018 here parts 1, 2 and 3.


As nobody talked to me at Uppababy again I walked on to Affenzahn. The cute animal backpacks are famous. Affenzahn have been producing the designs for years and the product range keeps growing. Last year Affenzahn introduced minimalistic shoes and presented the autumn and winter collection plus new scarves and hats.


One of my must-see stand is Wobbel. As you can see the kids immediately started playing. There are no new Wobbels, they still make the Starter, Original, XL and 360 (which we all own in our house). But the introduced new felt colours and a new wood called „zebrano“ and it really looks like a zebra. Then there is the new black which allows to see the wood structure beneath.

Beautiful designs

I liked looking at the new products and designs by LIEWOOD, Sebra, roommate and the Pura stainless steels looked gorgeous too. But the designs looked family and nothing (besides the dinosaurs at Liewood) really looked that new and different to me. Still, everything looked cute and the kids liked the things as well.

Sustainable diapers

Even our youngest isn’t in diapers any more but we are now looking for solutions for during the nights. He does’t need a real diapers then either so we were looking for a more eco-friendly version. I liked both the designs and the products with bamboolik and bambino mio. Both offer great reusable nappies and trainer pants.

EverEarth „green toys“

For years I’ve been asked here and on my Instagram where we got our wooden (actually they are bamboo) dinosaurs. They are from EverEarth. EverEarth offers great quality toys like a train set, the ark and other imaginative toys.

Mamas & Papas

I have been shopping baby stuff at Mamas & Papas like forever. But it’s rather new that they are branching out towards the European mainland. I love the designs and the great quality. The Urbo2 has been one of my favorite buggies ever. If you are looking for a small and light pushchair, see the Flip XT3 (we had the older Armadillo Flip XT9 or for a full sized pram the Ocarro. Mamas & Papas introduced a few new designs like the lovely Liberty London Ocarro.


Thule has the new Thule Spring three-wheeled buggy which is light but sturdy. Thule has been famous for their bike trailers. For a few years they branched out to strollers and buggys for active parents who like to walk, go jogging or go by bike. The quality is well known and the designs are minimalistic Scandinavian looking.


Who follows this blog knows that I’ve been a fan of iCandy for years. The quality is great and their customer support always seems perfect to me. We have been using our iCandy Raspberry for 1,5 years now and still love it. This year the Raspberry got a new colour (which matches the moonrock chassis) and iCandy upgraded the iCandy Peach’s fabrics as well. They feel now even more luxurious. Other than last year I was allowed to take photos and can show you the iCandy Lime which was introduced in 2018. The iCandy Lime is a mid size stroller, small and light as a buggy but with all the comfort of a full sized one.

Bugaboo & Dorel (Maxi-Cosi and Quinny)

I only took a short look at Bugaboo and Dorel.

The most promising new buggy: Joolz Aer

The most promising new buggy in travel (and car boot size) is the new Joolz Aer. It will be available in early 2020. I absolutely loved the concept: the seat is large and very comfy while the buggy folds tiny (should fit most airline guidelines). There is a bumper bar available and the look is high quality. The hood is huge and the basket has a good size. I was able to give it a small stroll on the stand and both the youngest and me liked how easy it is to steer.

(my kids wanted me to mention that Joolz had the best food and yummy smoothies). Joolz also upgraded the harness. I disliked the old one and the new one is so easy to handle. In my opinion this could be the best travel buggy available.

micro Scooter

The most important stand for our kids was the micro scooter one. They had new colours and a huge range of fun helmets and accessories. Micro also offers electric scooters now.


Trybike had a 2 in 1 bike. First it is three wheeled (from 18 months) and when the child is a bit older you can chance it into a normal walking bike. Our youngest had loads of fun and we as adults loved the retro design.

Skip Hop

Then I went to the Skip Hop stand. Skip Hop isn’t only known for their bright animal backpacks (my son has the owl design) and toys but also for more practical gear. There are little gadgets that help letting your kid have fun in the bath while being washed but also a new range for feeding. Like the spoon with doesn’t touch the surface with the part that you stick into the mouth. Or a little foldable spoon (definitely need that for my bag!). The diaper bags are well thought through and look like stylish bags and not like a classical diaper bags.

Trade fair impressions

*I was not paid or influenced. It was my choice which products to mention here. We paid the tickets ourselves.

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